Arlington’s accumulated knowledge base in four specific industry verticals allows the firm to serve as value-added investors and strategic partners to management.

Aerospace & Defense

Forging the critical building blocks that enable global travel and power major defense systems.

Government Services &

Infusing innovation and specialized expertise into federal, state and local governments.



Driving quality and safety into the care delivery, medical device, pharma and IT ecosystems.

Business Services &

Optimizing business productivity in other regulated industries.

Strategic Approach to Success

  • Domain Expertise
  • Buy & Build
  • Management Partnerships
  • Advisory Network

Arlington’s deep understanding of the industries surrounding the government and their corresponding sub-verticals allows us to:

  • Identify attractive companies and to begin developing relationships with the owners and management well in advance of a transaction
  • Leverage our industry knowledge to have a smart and efficient diligence process
  • Present acquisition offers that carry the credibility of industry veterans, providing sellers with confidence in our ability to close a transaction
  • Add value and drive growth by leveraging industry contact networks

Arlington’s portfolio accelerates long term organic growth and builds enterprise value by following specific evaluation processes.

  • Exchanging ideas and collaborate with management to identify ideal add-on acquisitions that advance the platform’s strategic growth objectives
  • Ensuring targets share a culture of shared values, mission-focused philosophy and commitment to excellence
  • Prioritizing cross-selling, technology or geographical synergies, discounting scale simply for scale’s sake and associated cost rationalization
  • Endeavoring to provide the greatest long-term consideration to founders and sellers who remain interested in retaining equity in the go-forward entity

Arlington’s approach to driving value creation is grounded in servant leadership and constructive collaboration.

  • We believe the relationship between Arlington and management is fundamental to achieving our collective objectives, and thus we seek to build an atmosphere between principals and agents that finds the right balance between collaboration and governance
  • Arlington’s professionals work closely with management on major strategic issues through its participation on the Board
  • We thoughtfully construct incentive packages that deliver the financial benefits of value creation directly to the individuals executing it

Arlington has accumulated a wealth of sector advisors and operators that can supplement existing management or guide strategy.

  • Public sector executives who have operated in the most senior ranks of the government, leading intelligence, military, health or civilian organizations
  • Investment Banking or Capital Markets partners who have advised or financed prior Arlington transactions
  • C-suite executives or impactful employees at Arlington’s prior 30 portfolio companies
  • Existing portfolio company management teams who are addressing the same market environment